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My Mentors

This page is a Total Dedication to my wonderful Mentors

Dick and Catherine Gauthier - Sarwin Kennels
Ann Aitken - Reigning Monarch Castlecourt Kennels

My husband, Mac and myself adopted our very first Bulldog Winnie "Sarwins Princess Winessa" from Dick and Catherine, in 1993.
Winnie was our pride and joy, for almost 11 years, she constantly gave us her unconditional love!

Dick and Catherine, in those years remained close also, and still are! We constantly were in touch with one another, and they supported my dream of one day being in the right position to be able to breed and show Bulldogs!

They were always there to answer every question I had. And believe me, there were many! Never once, did they make me feel I was bothering them, or asking silly questions. I want to thank you Dick and Catherine, from the bottom of my heart, for all your outstanding advice and all of your wonderful knowledge of this wonderful breed, that you both so willingly shared with me! I never could have made it without you both! Thank you for all of your patience, which I know was well needed.  LOL! And thank you so much for all the puppy referrals, it is very appreciated!

With heart felt love always,

Ann Aitken - Passed away  January 5, 2008

My memories of her are absolutely wonderful!

She became my Mentor and friend in 2004, and was there for me when I had my first litter of beautiful Bulldog puppies, from her great Lord Benjamin. I had four gorgeous, healthy babies!

This was the start of my showing and breeding adventure, and I have never looked back, only with a big smile and tears of missing Ann. I do not know of one single breeder, who received a dozen red roses, when they had their first litter, from the person who allowed them to use their stud dog. But Ann did! I was never so shocked, as those beautiful roses were delivered to my door, the day after my litter was born!

Ann was a woman with so much love in her heart, and would help anyone in trouble! She told me to phone her anytime day or night, and I did, even 2:30 in the morning, as she would guide me through what to do when my Daffodil would stop breathing, which she did on many occasions of asperating the milk!

Ann also encouraged me to show Bulldogs and to do the handling myself. She would say, "Carol, go out there with surety in your steps, and have fun, and if it comes to you not being able to handle the pressure, then get out!"   So far, I'm good! LOL

She also helped me get involved with the BCCC, helping her with the food and all the prep work in the kitchen. She was President for many years and did very well!

She also became a close friend, and came to visit with me and my Bullies on more then one occasion! We shared so much together! I miss you so much Ann, but I know you are smiling down from above, and encouraging me on and upward!

A TRUE Bulldogger every sense of the word, over 30 years of showing and breeding great Bulldogs! Ann, one day our paths will cross again, I am sure.

Love Always,