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Always with us...

I pray the world will take a good look at what God has given us.
If we could only understand, everything is in His hands.
All we need is a little Faith and trust.
Live simply, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly…
Leave the rest to God!

billy winny
Billy Spetko Sarwins Princess Winessa

This website is dedicated
to my son Billy Spetko.

 Born Feb. 15/ 1972
Passed away suddenly 
September 10/ 2005.  Ironically, from a
breathing problem…Asthma

His dream, was to see my dream come true!
To raise and show beautiful Bulldogs.

He missed seeing it here, but he is seeing me from
a much better view up there! I miss you so Billy,
and love you, thank you so much for all your
support and encouragement!!


Born: December 23, 1993
Passed: May 10, 2004

Winnie was our very first Bullie,
who I loved so much!!  

She was with us for close to 11 years!

Winnie gave us totally unconditional
love in return, and was also the
most smartest girl I have ever owned!

She was strong , headstrong,
and BIG hearted, and beautiful,
every inch a True Bulldog!

We miss you still Winnie!

Wyatt Johnny
Macarols Wyatt Earp Macarols N Ausabull Johnny Cash

Born: May 10th 2008
Passed: November 18th 2009

Wyatt was one of my babies who was adopted out
to Brian and Debbie Playford, of Richmond Hill. They were
the best puppy owners any breeder could ever dream of!

He was the best puppy and most loveable! Always looking
for action, but oh so intelligent, he was the most physically
in shape Bulldog I have ever seen in a long time!

Simply Handsome to be exact! He was an active,
Bulldog who just loved the water, sadly to say he fell ill to
aspiration of food, something all Bullie owners dread!

Wyatt you are so loved still and always
will be! NEVER to be forgotten!!
We miss you so! Brian and Deb,
we are so sorry for your loss.

Born: September 9, 2010
Passed: November 29, 2011

Owned and so loved by Jodie & Paul of Ausabull Bulldogs.
Jodie and Paul we are so very sorry for your loss.
Thank you Jodie & Paul for loving and caring for him so much!

Mac and I are so saddened by this horrific dimise which
came upon Johnny, taken so suddenly, so unfairly...
tumor in his head, way too young to leave us...
BUT, one day we do look forward to running
and playing and loving with you again Johnny...
never to leave us again! And never a doubt we will!

You will never be forgotten Johnny, nor loved any less,
you are always in our hearts and minds FOREVER!!!!
Until we meet again.

So long my beautiful, beautiful boy. XO